About Me

  I grew up in inner-city Philadelphia. In a loud, colorful world of so much hustle and bustle, I found beauty and solace in singular moments of time. I fell in love with the faces of strangers and with the way the changing light could alter the entire being of everything. I found that with a camera, I could stop time. I could freeze moments. Photography became my main tool, to explore, to learn and to watch and to listen; to document. After studying photography in Boston in my early twenties, I traversed the country, spending so much of my time living on the road and maintaining my nomadic nature. As I grew older, a strong instinct to spend more time in sparse and natural places began to germinate. The endless countryside and the lives that dotted the vast landscape became my main interest. Photography allowed me to settle down, to document the permanence of a place and its people and to become part of a community.  I utilize the medium of photography to express the multifaceted relationship between man and the natural world. Shooting film and digital, my work documents the timeless existence I feel myself to be a part of here in my home in Southwest, Montana.