The Early Years

Growing up in Philadelphia, I reveled in the absolute chaos of life in the city streets. I fell in love with the faces of strangers and the buildings and man-made objects that seemed to overtake anything remotely natural. I was continually overwhelmed by the action and movement that was bustling and exploding all around. Constantly watching my environment unfolding, I wanted to capture and hold onto each observation. I wanted to watch these little moments in a still space. I became obsessed with finding quiescent instances. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of man-made creations with the natural world. I found so much joy in seeing how people looked so out of place in nature. I longed to capture the color and light that changed as the day began and ended. I was given a camera in my late teens and I found that I could use this tool to freeze time. I could create the little pieces of life that I was interpreting. I could keep these moments and memories in my own little museum so they could remain as timeless as I perceived them to be.